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Marketplace Functionality for Users

  • Find and select geodata from different providers for problem solving
  • Find suitable geodata and geoanalytical tools
  • Make a complex solution with various types of geodata and tools
  • Visualise geodata and work with geoanalytical tools in one interface
  • Export to MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Word, XML etc.
  • Use your access along with API tools and geodata

Markteplace Functionality for Partners

  • Fast sales channel of premade datasets in b2b and b2g industries
  • Fast sales channel of premade services and tools in b2b and b2g industries
  • Integrate your geodata into system for an additional user benefit

We use Big GeoData from all over the world


Geointelligent platform Smart City

Geointellect. Urban

Platform Functionality

For Users:

  • Upload data (incl. Big Data), visualise, publish
  • Get information about objects
  • Create custom layers (points) or import from MS Excel
  • Calculate statistics of selected layers (sum, mean, count) with the help of zonal statistics tool (transport zone, pedestrain zone, in radius with and w/o barriers)
  • Calculate statistics of selected layers in intesection or in overlapped zones
  • Calculate population in zones
  • Save requests of zonal statistics history in particular window and export reports to MS Excel, Word, Power Point, XML etc.
  • Configure access rights to maps, layers, object attributes and tools through the «administration mode»
  • Activate cartographic services (mash UP)
  • Collect geodata in the “field” using the custom-designed task in web app: text fields, photos, files, auto- and pedestrian flow counter

For Developers and GIS specialists:

  • Add maps to your web app using JS API
  • integrate maps to your system using REST API
  • Create and modify layers right from free distributed software (QGIS and other GIS software providers)

We use Big GeoData from all over the world


Service functionality

Quickly estimate the commercial real estate environment

Estimate your target audience in the environment

Evaluate your market potential in detail: population, residential areas, business centers and dense traffic zones

Do your competitor analysis, compare several zones

Easily get all necessary geodata for turnover prediction in a new spot

Evolve fast and qualitatively!

We use Big GeoData from all over the world

Service target audience

  • Executives and managers of strategy departments
  • Marketing specialists
  • Business analysts
  • Franchising department executives
  • Database specialists
  • Finance specialists
  • Regional representatives
  • Small business: owners and franchisee
  • HoReCa and fastfood
  • FMCG
  • DIY
  • Liquor stores
  • Beauty
  • Pharmacy
  • Baby stores
  • Banks
  • Pickup points
  • Medical centers
  • Petrol / gas stations
  • Delivery points
  • Shopping Malls and Real Estate

Why Geointellect?



  • Try our functionality on a part of the country
  • Description
  • - Explore the most populated area,     calculate population
    - Estimate areas with dense traffic
    - Evaluate level of competition
    - Compare parameters in reports xlsx,    docx, pptx.

    * With the Demo version you get the full functionality, but not the complete coverage with data, only some parts of the city to overview. Data is not updated. Cities that are available in Demo: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk. The complete list of available cities you can find in Geography section.
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  • Population, Commercial Real Estate, Competitors, Infrastructure
  • Description
  • With Basic plan you get the access to the cloud where you can quickly estimate the population in a zone with specified simple radius, radius with natural barriers as well as in transport and pedestrian zone. You can visualize the population density, examine residential areas and business districts to evaluate the capacity of your market, delivery service or public services.
from 40$ per day from per month Purchase


  • Population, Competitors, Income level, Infrastructure, Business Centers, Traffic, Commercial Real Estate
  • Description
  • With Extended plan you get the on-line access to the Geointellect platform where you can do your deep geomarketing research and get more data to estimate market capacity of existing stores. Construct all kind of zones: pedestrian or transport and compare them with one another on different parameters like population, income level, traffic, level of competition. This tool can also give an information about value of chosen parameters on intersection of selected zones.
from 50$ per day from per month Purchase

Main Functionality of Geointellect platform

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Use mobile app for your field research*

  • Quickly analyze population in location
  • Count traffic and save observations
  • Update data about competitors
  • Interview customers and save answers
  • Collect data and manage your database all in one place
  • All data collected “in the field” is synced with web app right away

300+ customers from B2B and B2G:

The Center for Spatial Research is the first company specializing on IT and Geoarketing in Russia since 2003

  • ✓ extension training courses on Geomarketing (Higher Economic School, Saint-Petersburg, 102 hours, 2005).
  • ✓ mathematical model of ATM operations assessments for Bank (2010).
  • ✓ big projects in GIS for searching automation: Sberbank (2009), x5 Retail Group (2013).
  • ✓ integrations of API.Geointellect with other systems (since 2017).
  • ✓ the biggest marketplace of services for geoanalytics in Russia, including for small business (2018).

Cities covered by our projects

About company

Our main focus is Location Intelligence. LI is a new class of systems based on providing solutions (tools, geodata, mathematical models) for a better understanding of location potential in different sectors of urban life.

We’ve been working since 2003. The geography of our projects covers more than 600 cities of Russia for more than 300 customers. These includes not only research projects but also on-line tools access and developing the geoanalytics platform.

We use advanced analytical methods, including big data processing, machine learning and neural networks. There are more than 30 mathematical approaches including models for target audience estimation in selected location, prediction of turnover and customer flow.

Our platform has lots of useful functionalities for collecting the population data, smartphone signals, retail competitors, traffic generators etc.

We use best scientific practices from Statistics, GeoIT, Economics, Social and Urban Planning. Our specialists have a huge experience with geodata analysis, cartography, web-GIS and geoportal developing. We conducted research in such industries as healthcare, FMCG-retail, bank-retail, urban studies, real estate etc.




2003 – The first analytical report for the network of pharmacies. Modeling of the incomes in the city.






2008 – The first major customer Walmart – geodatabases for its own geo-system. Developing geoportal for St. Petersburg government (first – b2g project)



2010 – The Idea and prototype of Geointellect Cloud, UX design, structuring geodata related to Russia, purchasing base maps for geodata. The idea of first conference “GIS in healthcare in Russia: data, analytics, solutions”.




2014 – Launching of Geointellect. Index of comfort living Urban-module. Start of partnership agreements with suppliers of private geodata in Russia. Launching of a mobile application for data collection in the “field” Geointellect.





2018 – New offers for small business were established. First integration with large companies using the API.





2005 – First courses on geomarketing in Russia, first customers from abroad (HomeCredit), the first major geomarketing research for the WorldClass.




2009 – Large geomarketing research for banking retail (Sberbank) in Russian cities. Active retail workshops for different segments.





2013 – Active sales of access to the cloud “Geointellect” – web applications for geoanalytics in retail. A large IT project on automating business processes for the X5 Retail Group Geographic Information System (the beginning of a 5-year project). The first results of mobile data processing (Big Data) and the first sales.




2017 – Launching of Geointellect 3.0 based on open source platform with improved usability. Released functionality of API for integration into other systems. First major performances (Yandex Conference 2017). Launching of a turnover calculator for retail – the first tool in Russia.


2019 -Beginning of partnership with MTS (telecom) under White label (geodata analysis), expansion of ‘cloud’ and Geointellect platform sales channels to b2b and b2g.

We want You to know well your working environment and manage
it effectively using knowledge of territory to the maximum!"



We ran several tests with Geointellect team on turnover prediction and got error around 20% (predicting annual revenue), constructed heatmaps for Moscow, created a wide range of useful tools for analytics. Functionality and geodata of Geointellect give a possibility of multiparameter analysis in complicated cities, help with comprehensive decision making on location choice. We wish good luck and growth to highly qualified Geointellect team and recommend them as a reliable partner who can solve complicated problems with frankly and responsible approach.
Thanks to diligently made work made by Center for Spatial Research, our specialists has an opportunity to effectively analyze and present materials to executives for decision making about location evaluation across the vast geography of Russia in the shortest possible time.
Due to the large and high quality work provided the Center for Spatial Research our CRM analysis department can efficiently analyze and provide guidance materials for decision-makers in the shortest time.

Thanks to conducted customer, competitors and urban infrastructure research, we have obtained the most optimal locations for the future network.

Combination of traditional analysis techniques with data models GIS has allowed the Center for Spatial Research to make analytically and statistically proven approximation of frequency of visits and an approximate average bill of the planned store.

During the project, interesting analytical developments were made, such as zoning of service areas between divisions and calculating their potential.

The Geointellect platform was useful for our business needs, as it provided detailed information on the population in the zones, on residential real estate and shopping centers under construction. I would especially like to note the permanent customer support and assistance in working with the program, which reduces the time spent to search for unstructured data by bringing it together on a map. We haven’t identified any direct competitors with better conditions than Geointellect.

Read more about geomarketing cases and using Geointellect in different industries in media:

Read more about geomarketing cases and using Geointellect in different industries in media:

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